AedíN has released a double  album "Reflections ofMolly Bloom Vol. 1and Vol. 2"  with  music by multiple grammy winner, Paddy Moloney.  The albums are only available on ITunes,  JUne 2017

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"When I was a Girl i Used to scream and Shout.....The anchor here is Ms. Moloney, the founder of Fallen Angels and an actress of sure-footed instincts."

The New York Times

Reflections of Molly bloom
vol. 1

Aedín Moloney

Reflections of Molly bloom
vol. 2

"A Woman Whose Passion Made Her Dangerous ...

 (A Most Dangerous Woman) is driven by Aedin Moloney’s fervent portrayal

of a woman who became famous under a male pen name....

(Moloney) energetically depicts Eliot as a passionate individual..."
 The New York Times