Aedin Moloney


Nora                                                  Natural Nylon                                Pat Murphy,dir.
Agnes Browne                               Hells Kitchen Prod.                     Angelica Huston,dir.
Far & Away                                       Ardmore Films                                Ron Howard,dir.
The Captives                                   BBC Feature                                    Angela Pope, dir.

The Exorcist                                  Mum                                                     Fox Television
The Knick                                         Sister Mary Michael                    Cinemax/Steven Soderbergh           
Law & Order CI                              Guest star                                       NBC/Constantine Makris,dir.
David Copperfield                       Guest Star                                      Hallmark/Peter Medak, dir.
Ballykissangel                             Recurring/Guest Star               BBC/Paul Harrison, dir.
The Moth                                         Co-Star                                             Festival Film/Roy Battersby,dir
Vanity Fair                                      Guest Star                                      BBC/Mark Munden,dir.
Bugs                                                  Guest Star                                     Carnival Films/Gwennan Sage,
O Mary This London                     Featured                                        BBC/Suri Krishnama,dir.
Bye Bye Baby                                   Featured                                        Channel 4UK/Ed Bennett,dir.

The Bill                                             Guest Star                                     ITV UK/Bill Pryde,dir.

The Dead 1904                                                               Molly Ivors                      Irish Rep Theatre/Ciaran O’Reilly dir
When I was a Girl I used to Scream & Shout   Morag                                 Fallen Angel Theatre/John Keating, dir
Women Without Men                                                 Willoughby                       Mint Theatre/Jenn Thompson, dir
Airswimming (actress & Producer)                    Dora/Dorph                      Fallen Angel & Irish Rep/John Keating, 
Dancing at Lughnasa                                                Rose Mundy                      Irish Rep/Charlotte Moore, dir.
Eva the Chaste (actress & Producer)               Eva                                       Fallen Angel/John Keating,dir.
Hobsons Choice                                                          Ada Figgins                       Atlantic/David Warren, dir.
Playboy of the Western World                           Widow Quinn                    Irish Rep/Charlotte Moore, dir.

5 other Leading Roles in Irish Rep productions, including: Pigtown, Shadow of a Gunman, Juno & the Paycock, Eclipsed & Same Old Moon.   

REGIONAL & International
The Alchemist                                                             Dol Common                        Shakespeare NJ/Bonnie Monte, dir
A Most Dangerous Woman                                    George Eliot                       Shakespeare NJ/Richard Maltby, dir
Under Milk Wood                                                       Lilly/Bessie etc                  Hartford Stage/Mark Lamos,dir.
All that Fall                                                                Miss Fitt/Dolly                    BAC London/TomMorris,dir.
Playboy of the Western World                         Sara Tansey                          Crucible UK/Bristol Old Vic UK
The Plough & the Stars                                         Molser                                    Gaiety Dublin/Joe Dowling,dir


Reflections of Molly bloom                              Molly Bloom                          Wild Mountain Flower/Itunes

​Jackies girl by Kathy Mckeon                            Narrator                                 SIMON & SCHUSTER AUDIO BOOK    

Taking Care of Paul                                                Marcy Blaine                         Airwayv/Arthur Yorinks & Jim Simpson
American Song:IronWill                                       Catherine Donohoe            Airwayv/Arthur Yorinks & Jim Simpson
Dubliners: A Quartet                                             Maria (Clay)                            WNYC NPR/Arthur Yorinks, dir
Smarty Girl by Honor Molloy                           co-narrator                          Simon & Schuster Audio book

“There goes that News Van!”                             New York Woman                   ABC Eye witness News
“General Electrics”                                              Voice over                               NBC National
TRAINING   Trinity College, Dublin – The Samuel Beckett Theatre Centre

AedíN has released a double  album "Reflections ofMolly Bloom Vol. 1and Vol. 2"  with  music by multiple grammy winner, Paddy Moloney.  The albums are only available on ITunes,  JUne 2017